We love working with business owners. Because not only do we help you with your own personal and family FreedomPlan™ for building and protecting your wealth...


Because not only do we help you with your own personal and family FreedomPlan™ for building and protecting your wealth, we help you improve your business’ cash flow, set up amazingly efficient ‘cloud-based’ accounting and (if applicable) payroll systems, and advise you on strategies that help protect your family’s personal assets from business risks.

Our extraordinary accountants can help you with:

Government "Red Tape"
  • Annual Financial Statements & Tax Returns
  • ASIC Company documents and lodgements
  • Easier records with Xero setup and training 
  • BAS, GST, FBT - you name it, we can help you with any tax
  • Save tax with Advanced Tax Planning
  • Get it right with Business structure setups

Business Improvement

  • 5 Year Plan to increase your business value
  • Groom you Business for Sale
  • Monthly "Virtual CFO" services and Board Meetings
  • Protect your assets with Asset Protection Advice
  • Profit & Cashflow Improvement plans
  • Easier systems for Payroll, Point of Sale, Stock Control

We love working with business owners. In our experience, most business owners don’t realise that the way they have their companies, trusts and personal wills organised means that their family’s assets, like the family home and investment portfolio, are needlessly put at risk through a lack of a smart Asset Protection strategy. This is one of our STRENGTHS and it will be one of the first things we will do with you.

Clients tell us that having the proper structures, special type of wills (*not* the standard type of will – that is dangerous for business owners) and other mechanisms in place as we advise, helps them sleep better at night knowing all bases are covered, and that should the worst happen, their assets will end up with the people they intend, not someone taking legal action over a business matter.

Once we have your Asset Protection in place, we’ll set about making it easier for you to stay on top of your business record keeping and accounting. There are now fabulous technologies available, such as Xero online accounting software with its iPhone and iPad apps, that make the life of a business owner so much easier.

You didn’t get into business to do bookkeeping and administration! We’ll help you streamline and automate much of that. Whether you are a business start-up, young business, mid-sized business or large established business, you’ll enjoy working with advisors who constantly keep your big picture in mind, knowing that your business is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

We’ll help you structure things so that your business gives you more life, and doesn’t consume it. After all, if your business isn’t helping you achieve your FreedomPlan™ goals, something needs to change. We’ll guide you.

If you’re ready to discuss becoming a client, click here to request an appointment. If you’re not quite ready for that, dip a toe in the water and subscribe to our newsletter, read our blog, follow us on Twitter and get a feel for how we help our clients beyond their tax and accounting, to help them build and protect their wealth.

We look forward to inviting you on board as a client and to developing and implementing with you, your FreedomPlan™.