Trevor Denford

Client Relationship Manager

After 15 years as a self-employed Queensland State sales agent in the fashion industry, Trevor knows the value of personal client relationships.

Managing a professional team of consultants and project delivery was Trevor's ongoing focus in the Consulting Engineering industry for the next 11 years. 

Trevor gets a huge buzz out of finding accounting firms in Australia who think outside the square and work towards implementing positive change. These firms are a great addition to our collaborative community and will always benefit the most from using our online accounting toolkit - ChangeGPS.

We know we've done our job when we connect with these firms and they tell us how ChangeGPS has been a game changer for their business. It means they can stop spending time on the low-grade tasks they hate and have the type of business they've always wanted to operate... as well as enjoying the lifestyle they've always wanted for themselves and their clients.

Trevor thrives on working with his team to brainstorm new ideas and ways of helping accounting firms grow their business and improve their client service in new and exciting ways. "We love helping accountants fix their pain points and love what they do!" says Trevor.

Trevor joined the ChangeGPS team in April 2013. "As the Gen Y's say...'GPS Rocks!'"