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Account for your future

And put the numbers on AutoPilot.

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We'll help you live your best life.


is the answer

You deserve the best advice possible.

Our awards and industry status give you confidence that using CHANGE is your best option.

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Timothy Munro (Founder + CEO)

  • Former board member of the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA)

  • Former Queensland President of the IPA

  • Board member of SAPEPAA (Succession, Estate Planning & Asset Protection Advisors Association)

  • 32 year's experience as an Accountant

  • Co-host of Australia's largest regular web event for Accountants - the fortnightly "Accounting! with Dave + Tim"


Xero Australia Accounting Partner of the Year


Qld Member and Practice of the Year and National Member of the Year


FINANCIAL REVIEW 2021 Top 100 Australian Accounting Firm


CHANGE is your award-winning team!

You’ve never experienced accounting like this!

Advice for tomorrow.


with benefits you'll see today.

Your 100% FREE Strategy Session

  • We spend the time to understand your business like no other accountant or adviser has.

  • We devise a strategy that takes into account every aspect of your financial life.

  • We provide you with a scalable solution that you can afford to provide the change you're looking for. 

“I wish my accountant did that.”


CHANGE for you

Are you looking for:

  • More than just the traditional tax and business accounting advice - advice to help you enjoy and live your best life?

  • Trustworthy and nationally recognised accountants who have won the major accounting awards in Australia?

  • One place for all your accounting, tax, business and wealth advice?

  • Advice to protect your assets and keep your wealth in your family “bloodline”?

CHANGE is your answer.


“I’ve always wanted this advice - but I didn’t know there were accountants that could give it to me!”

Our lifestyle accounting advice will show you for the first time what your financial future looks like - and how you can make smart financial decisions now so you can live your best life.


As certified lifestyle accountants - we can help you with far more than traditional accountants who just stick to tax.

Move up to lifestyle accounting!

You’ll receive an online “Lifebook” which captures all your values and life goals and it tracks daily whether you’re on track to live your best life. 


We’ll give you the advice that matters so you can live your best life!

Plus we’re experts in traditional accounting and tax services like these:

  • Annual financial statements and tax returns

  • Personal tax returns

  • Tax planning

  • Business advice

  • Business structure setup

  • Business purchases, sales and valuations

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Would you like an all in one integrated approach for accounting and business advice, to boost your wealth, save tax and make your financial life so much easier?

Our award-winning team have all the advisors you need - from the one place - with one centralised point of contact - your Lifestyle Accountant.

Imagine the time you’ll save, with your business accounting, tax advice, wealth advice, loans and estate planning all coordinated by CHANGE.

Everything you need, all from the one place; how refreshing!


CHANGE for your legacy

You’ve worked hard to grow your wealth for many years. Without property estate planning and protection, you could end up losing 100% of your assets. We’re here to fix this for you.

We’re Australia’s leading estate planning and personal asset protection accountants. We can help you to:​

  • Have your Wills prepared to keep your hard-earned wealth in your family “bloodline”

  • Create your personal “Wealth Transfer Plan” to ensure the next generation in your family receive your legacy exactly the way you want them to

  • Ensure that your Will and estate won’t lose from a family provision claim

  • Protect the equity in your family home, investment properties and key assets without selling them and triggering capital gains tax and stamp duty

Interested? Let’s get started with CHANGE today and protect your wealth!


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"I wish my accountant did that"

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