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Do business like never before

& put the numbers on AutoPilot

We love working with business owners.


Most accountants & advisors only focus on the numbers; we take a holistic  approach.


We identify the cause and fix the problem.

We look at your business as a whole; not just the numbers.


We meet with every client to understand their unique situation.


We create a list of strategic recommendations to improve their business.


We plan the rollout of these changes based on their available budget.


We deliver on your plan, always fully considering your circumstances. 

As a business owner, your wealth and wellbeing are inextricably linked to your business.


It is your source of income, your most important asset and frequently it’s sale will fund your retirement. Do you know the real commercial value of your business, and understand how to maximise its value?


Let us help you build your business.

Not only do we help you with your own personal and family FreedomPlan™ for building and protecting your wealth, we help you improve your business’ cash flow, set up amazingly efficient ‘cloud-based’ accounting and (if applicable) payroll systems, and advise you on strategies that help protect your family’s personal assets from business risks.

Our solution to achieve these goals is the Better Business Program, alongside your personal and family FreedomPlanTM. Key outcomes of include:

  • Analysing and benchmarking your key business risk and value drivers;

  • Preparing a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats ('SWOT') analysis for your business;

  • Successfully resolving and documenting key improvement strategies for your business, all aimed at achieving financial independence and security.

Our Better Business Program is delivered in a timeframe that works for you and we offer ongoing support to ensure your action plans are implemented and goals realised.


CHANGE AutoPilot

Imagine your business's financial affairs taken care of each week, without the need for your involvement other than as we require to make critical change. 


Regular Reporting

Like a virtual CFO; AutoPilot PRO can report to you on a. weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. 


Reconcile & lodge

Our AutoPilot bookkeeping services are lead by a team of highly capable reconciliation gurus.


Invoice Processing

We can automate the repetitive tasks and handle the more complex issues with care. 


The spotlight is on YOU.

Manage all your companies in one place through our  CHANGE Client App

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Thanks 🙂 @Alison can you distribute this to the managers for their review.

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