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The point of having a business is to give you cashflow for a lifestyle.

Our expert accountants would love to help you with:

Government red tape.

  • Annual Financial Statements & Tax Returns

  • BAS, GST, FBT - you name it, we can help you with any tax

  • Advanced tax planning to save tax

  • Get it right with business structure advice + setups

  • ASIC company documents + lodgements

  • Easier record keeping with Xero setup and training

  • Bookkeeping + payroll + HR software setup

Business improvement.

  • Profit & cashflow improvement plans

  • Asset protection advice for business assets

  • Monthly virtual CFO and Board of Advice (BoA) services

  • 3 year plan to increase your business value

  • Prepare your business for sale

  • Easier systems for payroll, HR, point of sale & stock control

We understand the challenges facing business owners so we offer small, SME and multi-owner businesses a unique service to reduce their risks and run a better business.

In our experience, most business owners don’t realise that the way they have their companies, trusts and personal Wills organised means that their family’s assets, like the family home and investment portfolio, are needlessly put at risk through a lack of a smart Asset Protection strategy. This is one of our strengths and it will be one of the first things we will do to help you protect your hard-earned wealth.

Clients tell us that having the proper structures, special type of Wills (not the standard type of Will – that is dangerous for business owners) and other mechanisms in place as we advise, helps them sleep better at night knowing all bases are covered, and that should the worst happen, their assets will end up with the people they intend, not someone taking legal action over a business matter.

Once we have your asset protection in place, we’ll set about making it easier for you to stay on top of your business record-keeping and accounting. There are now fabulous technologies available, such as Xero online accounting software with its mobile phone and tablet apps, that make the life of a business owner so much easier.

Take your business to the next level and maximise it’s value.

We’ll help you structure things so that your business gives you more life, and doesn’t consume it. After all, if your business isn’t helping you achieve your Lifeplan  goals, something needs to change.

We’ll guide you with personalised support where the business needs it, providing a framework that allows you, the owner to address key strategic and operational challenges while developing your own internal business management skills.

Through our Board of Advice (BoA) Program you will have a successful implementation of growth, value improvement and succession planning strategies supported by independent and objective advice from our trusted team of experts.

Introducing CHANGE. We’ll give you the advice that matters - so you can live your best life!

Do you know what your business is really worth?

8 in 10 SMEs don’t know nor are they aware they have a value gap risk!


A value gap is the difference between what your business is worth today and what you need it to be worth to achieve financial independence.


We offer a range of business valuation services to determine the true value of your business and pinpoint areas for value improvement:

  • Industry Valuation Benchmarks

  • Business Advisory Valuations

  • Value Improvement Solutions

  • Formal Business Valuations

Complete our Business Valuation Survey to learn more about factors that influence your business value.

BVS Image.jpg

Special Feature

Your Scorecard includes an Industry Benchmarking Value Analysis

Experiencing some pain in your business?

Let us help you find a cure!

Running a business is challenging; we have all experienced the highs and lows. To help you build a great business we look at your whole business not just the numbers.

Our Business Improvement Program analyses your key risk and value drivers so you can quickly address any problems and identify areas to improve performance.

What’s keeping you awake at night…

Sales Growth?

Cash Flow?

Complete our Risks Survey to find out what to focus on to de-risk your business. 

Personal Risk Survey Image.jpg

Are you making informed financial decisions?

Knowing your numbers are right; makes you sleep better at night!

A lack of accurate financial information is a major cause of stress and concern for business owners and their families.

Our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Program allows you to access the knowledge and expertise of an external or virtual CFO so you can stay focused on growing your business.

Do your financial systems generate:

Accurate Financial Reports?

Annual Budgets & Forecasts?

Benchmarks & Key Performance Indicators?

Complete our CFO Program Survey to assess the gaps in your business & financial reporting.

CFO Program Image.jpg

Is your business a major source of income & wealth?

If it is, let us be your sounding board to help you optimise the value of your business!


After making it through the pains of growing your sales, profit and cash flow, the good news is, you have created value in your business.


Our Board of Advice Program enables you to take your business to the next level by accessing independent advice so you can continue to protect, grow and transition the value of your business.

Time to appoint your Board of Advice?

Peter Montgomery (10).png

CHANGE AutoPilot

Imagine your business's financial affairs taken care of each week, without the need for your involvement other than as we require to make critical change. 


Regular Reporting

Like a virtual CFO; AutoPilot PRO can report to you on a. weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. 


Reconcile & lodge

Our AutoPilot bookkeeping services are lead by a team of highly capable reconciliation gurus.


Invoice Processing

We can automate the repetitive tasks and handle the more complex issues with care. 

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