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Would you like an all in one integrated approach to boost your wealth, save tax, and make your financial life so much easier?

Finally you can, with the award winning team at Change Accountants & Advisors.

Peace of mind.

The old way

The old way is having a separate tax accountant, bookkeeper, financial planner, SMSF specialist, insurance ggent, bank manager, mortgage broker, stockbroker and lawyer... all while being responsible for patients, staff and family. It often looks like this:


Nothing is properly coordinated, and everything takes so much time explaining the same things to different people, and you're the one often feeling like you're standing at the pointy end of the stick with pressure from all sides and never enough time to do the things that are important to you, like spending time living life with family, or focusing on the reasons you became a doctor in the first place - to help patients!

The new way

A better way is having an expert team that supports you from the one place, and all with the one centralised point of contact. Your financial partner - your wealth advisor.

Perfect coordination, nothing is forgotten or missed, and this saves you so much time meaning you can focus your time and energy on the things and people who are actually important to you - caring for patients, spending quality time with family and living the life you work so hard to achieve. 


Your team at Change Accountants & Advisors.

Your wealth advisor will take the lead in advising you, and coordinating an expert team for you that will construct a series of focused strategies that aim to ensure your entire financial and legal world is in order.

They will save you time, money, energy and stress - ensure things follow your plan and continue to. They will manage your needs, your desired outcomes and everything in between.

Have you ever felt that you're so busy, you're unsure of how you're really performing compared to your peers?

Your wealth advisor will coordinate the experts to have an easy to follow and regular peer review available for you to compare, before coming up with the combined power of the collective knowledge and experience they oversee to provide better ways of doing things to improve your situation. 

Whether it be tax efficiencies and savings; legal structures to protect what you're building for you and your family; ways of growing your wealth without too many sacrifices; or getting you behind the wheel of that car you've always dreamed of one day owning - parked in the garage of the house you always pictured yourself living in.

They will take care of it all.

Everything you need, all from the one place.

Our offer to you.

Let’s catch up for an initial chat, no obligation. We’ll shout you a coffee or take you to lunch - we’d love to hear about your lifestyle goals.


Contact us today!


Change Accountants & Advisors – Smart advice now for a beautiful financial future!

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