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Get Your Assets Working Hard - Tax Effectively

You deserve a lifestyle accountant.

Once you move up from a traditional accountant - you'll never look back!

Only a lifestyle accountant can offer all the traditional accounting services plus help you to:

  • Keep your wealth in your family “bloodline”

  • Reduce your home loan - fast

  • Top up your super and investments

  • Have an amazing holiday - every year

  • Buy that car you’ve always wanted

  • Fund your children’s education

  • Spend more time with your family

  • Do volunteer and charity work to help others

  • Enjoy lifestyle experiences

As certified lifestyle accountants, we’ll help you make smart financial decisions now so you can live your best life. 

What's your best life?

Lifestyle accounting for you.

“This is what I’ve always wanted from my accountant.” 


Business Name

Lifestyle Accounting is not the typical financial advice, purely focussed on investment recommendations. Instead, it’s all about giving you the strategies to live your best life.

Here is how we help you live your best life. And we’ll make this easy for you and guide you the whole way.


Your Goals + Values Session

“Many people aim at nothing - and they hit it with alarming accuracy.”

The problem is, many of us don’t know what we truly value in life. We don’t understand what’s important to us. Instead focusing on what society, culture and media determine as success.

We start by sending you a link to a brief 10 min survey that you fill in while sitting on your lounge having a glass of wine. You won’t need any documents - it’s easy and enjoyable.

This will help you discover what is truly important to you. Our discovery process will help you to understand what you value and whether you are living a life aligned with that value.

We’ll then have a Goals and Values Session with you where we spend an hour building on your values and create a crystal clear listing of your “must have”, “nice to have”, and “dream come true” personal and family goals.


“Your Best Life”

You want to work with a team of advisors who look at all aspects of your financial affairs in relation to your goals.

For the first time, you’ll see your financial future graphed out for you. You can then make key decisions like “how much can I spend now?” and “how does this affect what I’ll have when I retire?”


This one report (which gets updated daily for you) will give you absolute confidence to spend some of your wealth guilt free now, while at the same time knowing you’ll have enough wealth for your future.


Your LifeBook

Quarterly “On Track” Sessions + Personal Tax Planning

Each quarter, we’ll have a quarterly “On Track” session to review “Your Best Life” (your graphical rest of life report) and brainstorm any changes to make things better for you. 


Plus you have access anytime to your online “Lifebook” where we keep records of our meetings, your goals, the tasks we’re both working on to help you live your best life, and your key family documents like your Wills, Enduring Power of Attorney, Advance Health Directive, and Insurance Policies.


Keep your Wealth in your Family “Bloodline”

You’ll receive an “Estate Planning + Personal Asset Protection” Report from us which outlines your options for transferring your family wealth to the next generation. We’ll help you to keep your wealth in your family “bloodline”, rather than possibly having your children lose their inheritance from a failed relationship.


This will get your Will, Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA), Advance Health Directive (AHD), and other key estate planning documents up to date with your current wishes.


If you’re in business and concerned about your personal assets being at risk, we can help you set up a “Family Protection Trust” and protect the equity in your family home, investment properties and business assets so no-one can take these from you.


Reduce your Debt Fast

...or make it Tax Deductible

You need a plan to reduce your debt over time. We’ll review your loans to see if you qualify for cheaper interest rates and better features, and help you to easily switch to better loans. 


Our Debt Optimisation Plan will transform your non tax deductible debt into tax deductible debt for you, possibly saving you thousands in tax each year!


Tax Effectively!

Get Your Business / Superannuation / SMSF / Investments Working Hard for You

The point of having a business is to give you cashflow for a lifestyle – and then to sell it. We’ll guide you with the best strategies to increase your business profits now and your sale value in the future to help fund your best life.

Part of Step 1 (above) is for you to decide what type of investor you are and what your “risk profile” (your style of investing) is.

To make things easy for you, we’ll liaise with an experienced licensed wealth advisor to ensure your existing and any new investments are highly rated and low fee options that match with your risk profile.

This is what makes a massive difference, giving you far greater wealth for when you retire and want to enjoy life more.

And we’ll use our advanced tax planning strategies for you to legally reduce your annual average tax rate – giving you more money to enjoy now on your best life.


Protect Your Family Lifestyle if anything goes Wrong

You need to ensure that you and your family can continue to live your chosen lifestyle after a sickness / accident / death of the family income earners. We’ll liaise with an experienced wealth advisor to have the best insurance policies at the best prices set up for your life, trauma and income protection cover.


We hope you’ll never need this - but if you do, this will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.


Next Steps

Ready to live your best life?

CONTACT US NOW to get started today!

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