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Talk to your accountant about home & investment property loans


One phone call to us could save you over $54,000. Interested? Read on to find out if this applies to you!

As your Accountant, we understand your financial position and we can provide strategic tailored advice to help you achieve your goals.

In the same way, we’re best placed to help you find the best finance solution for your home or investment property loan.

We’re experts in lending – we can get you the lowest rate loan for your needs from a variety of lenders, and as accountants, we can ensure that your loan is set up in the right way to maximise any tax deductions if available. (Banks and loan brokers cannot advise you on tax like we can!)

Whether you are seeking finance to fund the purchase of your new home or investment property, or if you are seeking to refinance your existing loan and possibly consolidate existing debts, we can source the right finance for you.

5 Ways our loan advice can save you lots of money!


We’ll refinance you to a lower interest rate. Even a 0.5% lower rate on a loan of $500,000 could save you over $54,000 over the life of your loan! Imagine that – one phone call to us could save you over $54,000. Wow!


We’ll consolidate your credit cards and other higher interest loans into one low interest loan secured on your home. Your monthly repayments will be lower, and your interest will be much lower.


Some of the loans we recommend give you Qantas Points based on the amount of loan and your monthly repayments. Free flights for simply paying off your loan sounds good?


We’ll optimise your loans by reviewing if you can use a “split loan” to keep non tax deductible debt separate to tax deductible debt – and then come up with a plan for you to pay off the non tax deductible debt much faster. Nothing like saving on tax!


Would you like to use the equity in your home to invest in other properties or shares? We’ll show you the secrets to getting your loans structured in the right way to maximise your future tax claims on investment properties, especially if you want to move to a new house and keep your existing house as an investment property.

Can you afford not to talk to us about these 5 key areas to save you money and tax? Talk to us today about finding the right solution for you!


The Change Accountants Loan Experience

At Change Accountants, the role of our expert Loan Advisors is to simplify the process of obtaining the finance you need.

Here is what you can expect when dealing with one of our professional advisors.

Change AA Loan Experience.png

Talk to us TODAY about finding the right solution for you!

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