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Timothy Munro

CEO & Founder

In my view, what's different about CHANGE compared with other firms is the team's enthusiasm combined with their genuine caring nature to assist the clients we're privileged to work with.

Also, the CHANGE team focus on the big picture – our client's life goals – and every bit of advice and assistance we give them is focussed on helping them financially to achieve their life goals. It's a very rewarding process for both our clients and our team.

What I love about my role is helping people to work out what they want to achieve in life, and then helping them financially to be able to achieve their life goals.

Outside of office hours I enjoy playing cricket (our cricket team has just won the annual cricket tournament at the Queensland Corporate Games (for the 7th time) and watching the Formula 1 motor races, and I love travelling with my wife Lyndall and 7 year old daughter Savannah.

Something most people don't know about me is I play drums in a funk / soul / dance band, and I've jammed with multi Grammy winning guitarist George Benson. That was just amazing!

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