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3 Financial things that will make a huge difference in your financial life

After helping thousands of clients over the past 26 years, there's 3 key things I believe you will incredibly bene

fit from doing in the next month.

1. How to never, ever miss out on a Tax Deduction Many people miss out on tax deductions, every year, because they:

  • Lose receipts

  • Forget about payments they make

  • Don’t thoroughly review their records at tax time

We can now give you something that fixes this, for good. We guarantee it! If you are interested in using our new Change Accountants “Personal Wealth Portal”, please CLICK HERE now for full details. How much tax in the future will you save by using this? Tracking your spending on tax deductible items has never been easier with live feeds from your bank accounts straight to your Personal Wealth Portal, and tools to ensure that you never miss a tax deduction again. Plus – it’s as simple as clicking one button at tax time to provide us with everything you need to give us for your tax return. Amazing – and available right now. 2. Your Financial World – Sorted! If anything bad happened to you – would your spouse / partner / family know how to find and understand your financial life? Would you like to get financially sorted? Bring your entire financial world into one place with real-time data feeds on all of your property, loans, super, investments, wills, insurance, banking and tax. You can easily see everything you need at once. With all of your financial information securely stored in the cloud for easy access, you'll never have to hunt through spreadsheets and filing cabinets again. And with access available on any device, at any time, keeping on top of everything will be easy. Knowing where you are financially is the starting point to growing your wealth and making better decisions now so you can having an amazing financial future. Get started TODAY with the new Change Accountants “Personal Wealth Portal”. CLICK HERE now for full details. It’s very inexpensive, and it’s tax deductible! You'll thank us for helping you to finally get sorted! 3. Where can your Important Papers and Passwords / Logins be found in case something happens to you? Taking time to organise your important papers and records may be the best investment you ever make. It is important for all responsible members of the household and designated family members who live elsewhere, to know where papers or records are kept and who to contact for advice in case of an emergency. The new Change Accountants “Personal Information and Estate Record” has been designed to assist you in preparing for such an occasion. Would you like a FREE copy of this very important document? CLICK HERE now to request it, and we’ll immediately email to you. Planning ahead by completing this document can save time, stress and money if an emergency should arise or a death occur. Plus the best place to keep this completed document is in your “Personal Wealth Portal” – available to be accessed by you, your spouse or partner, and anyone else you decide to grant access to – your adult children, your parents, or other trusted family members. That’s it for this month. Next month, look out for our special email report What can I claim against my Tax? Our extraordinary team are here to help you. Please contact us on (07) 3226 9999 or email Gemma Mealin (our Client Service Coordinator) at for help from the Change Accountants & Advisors Team anytime. We love helping you make smarter decisions now so you can have a beautiful future!

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CHANGE AutoPilot

Imagine your business's financial affairs taken care of each week, without the need for your involvement other than as we require to make critical change. 


Regular Reporting

Like a virtual CFO; AutoPilot PRO can report to you on a. weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. 


Reconcile & lodge

Our AutoPilot bookkeeping services are lead by a team of highly capable reconciliation gurus.


Invoice Processing

We can automate the repetitive tasks and handle the more complex issues with care. 

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