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Julie Lockley

Senior Accountant

Utilisation of technology allows for seamless collaboration with clients. This progressive approach looks forward and is geared toward mutual growth, rather than retrospective observation.

Whilst contemporaries frequently demand a cloned workforce; often valuing grades over balanced experience and learning - CHANGE actively encourages working to your strengths and sharing your expertise within the team. Having such a diverse knowledge base in the team facilitates efficient delivery to diverse a client base.

Faith in continued development affords CHANGE the confidence to shares it’s knowledge with other accounting firms without fear of regression (CHANGEGPS). How many firms do you know (in ANY industry) who share intellectual property with rivals?!

I love working with energetic people who are passionate about what they do. There is a really fun vibe at CHANGE and it’s contagious. I love working with a large and varied client base and have confidence that CHANGE offer the very best service and products in the market.

Outside of office hours I enjoy keeping fit, spending time with family and friends, travelling, cooking and gardening. I have two beautiful Bengal cats that insist on helping, whatever the task, keeping us entertained with their antics.

Something most people don't know about me is having lived in Edinburgh for 3-4 years; I have a real love for Scottish tradition. My Scottish husband and I keep these traditions alive by celebrating Burn’s Night each January 25th, and ‘first-footing’ our family and friends at Hogmanay (New Years tradition). It’s a great way to keep a wee bit of Scotland alive, in beautiful sunny Brisbane!

Julie Lockley
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