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Nina Sitnikova


The way we do things here. There is a perception that accountants are boring and old-fashioned people. Well, that is definitely not said about people at CHANGE.

CHANGE Accountants keep up with the world, utilising new technologies to make procedures more efficient and provide better services to our clients, which adds value.

CHANGE encourage life long learning. We aim to build long lasting relationships with clients by adding value to their business and helping them to fully realise their potential.

I enjoy the diversity in what I do and that two days are never the same. I work with various business structures across a wide range of industries.

I love helping people to solve their financial problems and to assist their compliance with statutory obligations. Record keeping and reporting does not have to be a headache.

I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I am interested in photography and fashion. I am a Master Chef fan and I love to experiment in the kitchen.

Not many people in Australia know that I come from a very sporty family. I used to play every sport possible and I have a green belt in Karate. I was meant to get a black one - look out everyone!

Nina Sitnikova
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