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Achieve ultimate financial freedom.

Change Accountants & Advisors use freedom as the ultimate key performance indicator (KPI) for all of our clients.

Imagine this...

2 minutes, 1 page, your life, your future. This is what we offer.


Don’t be fooled by the simplicity, others try to confuse and scare their clients into products that will help the firm not the client. We want to make things SO simple that you can have the confidence to take control of your financial future.

Your goals.

Are you aiming for some or all of these?


  • Reduce your home loan

  • Top up your super

  • Have a holiday

  • Deposit for an investment property

  • Upgrade your car

  • Fund your children's education

We want to help you achieve your financial goals. To do this, we'll help you create, grow and protect your wealth. 

Here's the hard bit: No-one can guarantee what the share market or property prices will do in the future. We certainly can't. 

We're here to maximise the probability of you achieving your financial goals, despite uncontrollable factors.


There are 7 key areas to wealth building.

You need all 7. 

The sooner we can start working with you in these areas, the sooner you will be able to achieve financial freedom! 


Know your "Freedom Gap"

We’ll create for you a one page plan for your future – how much $ you will need, an estimate of how much $ you’ll have, and how to help you get to what $ you’ll need to ensure you have a beautiful financial future!


Get in Financial Control (using "MyProsperity")

To make the best decisions, you need to see your entire financial position on one page, with yesterday’s balances for all cash accounts, credit cards, loans, and investments. Using an online personal wealth portal called “MyProsperity”, our Financial Simplicity package does this for you – simply, easily, and allows you to be in full control of your future!


Reduce Debt - or make it Tax Deductible

 3. Reduce Debt - or make it Tax DeductibleYou need a plan to reduce your debt over time – and debt optimisation helps you to reduce your non-tax deductible debt, and to turn whatever debt you do have into tax deductible debt if possible. Includes: Home Loan Review and Debt Optimisation advice.  


 Get your Superannuation Working Hard

Your Superannuation account or SMSF is the key to your wealth creation. Your SMSF can borrow to purchase property investments using recent tax law changes. Includes: Superannuation Review. 


Reduce Tax – using a Protected Share Investment 

Imagine buying shares with no capital downside risk! Receive all dividends and capital growth without losing your capital if your shares go down in value. Save tax at the same time, in most cases with no up-front cash required.  


Protect your Family Lifestyle if anything goes wrong

Ensures you and your family can continue to live your chosen lifestyle after a sickness / accident / death. Includes: Income Protection, Life, Trauma, Disability Insurance and Business Insurance advice.  


Keep your Family Wealth in your bloodline

Ensures that your assets are kept in your family bloodline rather than possibly having one of your children lose their inheritance from a failed relationship. This gets your Wills and Power of Attorney up to date, and is one of the best things you can do to protect your family’s hard earned wealth.  


Book now for a free, no obligation 30 minute chat to see your life and your future on paper.

Talk with one of our specialists to map out some simple strategies that could CHANGE the course of your life.

This could be the most important meeting you ever have.

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